Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Light Block Tutorial

I decided to make Light Blocks for a few special people this year for their Christmas gift... They absolutely loved. My Mother-In-Law decided to take hers to work and display it in her office. I thought I would share a quick recap on how I made these light blocks.

Material's Needed:

1 Glass block (I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby. They already have the holes drilled in them).
Scrapbook paper to fit the block
Mod Podge
50 strand of clear Lights (you can use any color. Totally up to you).
Ribbon that coordinates with your scrapbook paper.


I cut my scrapbook paper to fit the block. I then put a coat of mod podge on one side of the block. I then took my cut piece of scrapbook paper and placed it on the block (when I laid my paper on the block I did it to wear you could see the print from the other side. That way you would get a 3-D image. I then used my cricut and cut out vinyl letters, EX: Mom, sister. I placed the word on the other side of the block. I then filled my block with lights and marbles. This part is completely your own preference.
At this point, your block should resemble the picture below:

Now all I have to do is make a bow with my coordinating ribbon and hot glue it on to the top of the light block.

Plug it in and you now have a beautiful decoration for your home or office !

(Here is another light block that my business partner made for her cousins wedding,
they make wonderful wedding gift)

I loved how these lights turned out. I can't wait to make more. I will soon make one for my boys room to match their camo theme. I will post a picture after I make it. I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial. I will make sure I take pictures step by step next time. We will also be adding this block to A little 2 Sassy for purchase. Thank you again!
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Rachel McGuire said...

Hello there, Rachel here, I droped in when I saw your post through Mompack group. Here here to great success of your blog. I want to add that Your blogs is absolutely beautiful, and to also let you know I think your an amazing artist and will be following your posts. I can't wait to see what you've created next, and to share the tutorials on how to do these projects is amazing of you. I will be trying out your tutorials. (I'm a crafty person myself and love learning new techniques.)

'Chelle said...

Hi there- found your blog through mompack email I received. I love how you did the light blocks! Very nice! Following your blog - keep up the good work! -'Chelle www.chellescreativeexpressions.blogspot.com