Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm in Love with Turquoise

I'm in Love with Turquoise!!! It's definitely my favorite color (for now). I've decided to start adding hints of Turquoise throughout my living room. I would like to share with you my first Turquoise Project.

An Old Bar Stool.... Turned New.............

I found this bar stool at a garage sale ( I heart garage sales) for 3.00... What a DEAL!!! It's amazing what you can find at garage sales for CHEAP!!
I went to my local Home Depot and found this awesome spray paint, it has 2x the coverage so no need to prime it before painting it the color you want !

Here is what it looked like after I finished painting it!! My husband was a little mad at me :) because I spray painted the grass.. so you may want to use some newspaper before spray painting your project!

I'm not done yet!! I wanted to add a little more demension to the stool, so I found some black paint that I had. I mixed a little bit of black paint with a lot of water and then took a rag and simply rubbed it over the stool.

Here is my finished Project!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this Turquoise Tutorial......there will be more to come......
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