Thursday, September 16, 2010

I’m In LOVE … I just LOVE LOVE Burlap..

It’s the hottest thing right now since toilet paper.. .. I have seen so many wonderful projects floating all over the internet using Burlap but when I saw this tutorial over at I KNEW I had to make one. I love her blog she has some of the coolest projects!!! Check her out....

Fall is my favorite time of year, the cool weather (it is greatly appreciated after a long hot summer here in Texas) the leaves changing colors and all of the fall decorations. It’s that time to start decorating for fall :) My friends laugh at me because I’ve already got all of my fall decorations hung up and it’s only September (whatever). I decided to make my table runner using fall colors. Wal-mart carries some really neat fabric that is precut into strips with several different patterns in each set. I’m not a sewer at all I wish I was but the simple fact is I’M NOT so if I can do this anyone can. It’s very easy (ooo how I Love easy).

Hopefully I will have more fall projects to share with ya’ll soon. In between my twins playing football my daughter cheerleading my website and o yeah my full time job…..

For this project you will need:
Burlap (of course)
Sewing machine
Several different fabrics of your choice

Measure your burlap to the length you want it and then cut it leaving about 1" to allow for a seam. I find it easier to iron my seam down before I sew it. Once you have ironed your seam you are now ready to sew it down.

Now take your fabric and cut them into about 4" strips . Depending on the length you chose depends on how many strips you will need. I made mine big enough to go the whole length of my table, some people just like it to go in the middle of the table it's totally up to you. So for mine I did 8 rows of ruffles. Once you have cut all of your strips you will need to sew a seam down each side.

Now on to making ruffles! There are several ways to make ruffles if you are lucky you have a ruffle maker that attaches to your sewing machine but if you are like me you have to make them yourself. Here is how I make them. I sew a very loose stitch right down the middle of each strip of fabric, DO NOT BACK STITCH.... make sure to leave plenty of thread on the end once you have sewed down the middle. Take the top thread and pull it, you will see it start to make a ruffle (yea). I did not get a picture of me making a ruffle but I did find this picture on google (I hope they don't mind I borrowed it)

(this will kind of give you an idea at what your strips of fabric should look like)

Once you have all of your ruffles made you now need to pin them onto your burlap and then sew them down.

Now take your trim and sew it around the border of your table runner and you are all done!!!!
I told you it was easy!!!!!!!! Here is my finished table runner......

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
Have a blessed day!
The Traveling Junkies

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Anonymous said...

This is very VERY cute. I have a sewing machine, and a folder of tutorials that I save (this one will go in there...) but I am so afraid for some reason. I think I am going to kidnap my mom and make her teach me all she knows about sewing. Or MAYBE I'll give her my folder of ideas and have HER make them! :)

Lauren said...

Cute project! love the ruffles. Stopped by from Beneath My Heart. Have a great day!

Michelle said...

I LOVE it!!

- Michelle @ Bunch of Craft