Friday, September 23, 2011


Today is officially the first day of FALL....... I LOVE this time of year, however my family is usually summer people. We love the long days, barbequing outside with Friends and Family, camping, fishing and hanging out at the lake. But I must say, I have NEVER been so ready to see some cooler weather. With tempeatures here in Texas reaching heighs of 112 F, the drought and the wildfires close to my home.

Here is a picture from my boys school, you can see the massive wildfires just miles from our home. Pretty darn scary!!

The next day on our way home from a friends house we saw this huge plane flying really low. My husband and I thought it was fixing to crash but come to find out it was helping to put out another wildfire that had started in the back of a neighboorhood right down the road from us.

This was the scariest thing I've ever seen we had wildfires buring on both sides of us just a few miles away. We are SO SO blessed that they were able put the fires out before making its way to our home. Thanks to all of the Firefighters that put their lives on the line to help save others. My heart goes out to the families that lost their homes due to the wildfires in the Texas Hill Country and Magnolia area. Here are a few pictures I found on the internet of those wildfires.

God Bless


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