Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wow where did the time go

I'm such a bad blogger it's been forever since I've posted a blog. My life is crazy with an 11 almost 12 year old, 8 almost 9 year old twins, a husband, a new puppy and a full time job (but wouldn't have it any other way).... I have made myself a promise that I will post at least one blog a week, since I really love blogging (I know it's hard to tell) but I Do!!!... I find so much joy in sitting down and showing others what I've created and hope to inspire others to create as well. I love it when we have family and friends over and they ask where did you get that and I can say "I made that", such a great feeling.

I recently have found joy in blog hopping and finding recipes of all sorts easy ones, hard ones, crockpot ones and healthy ones. I will be sharing all of the wonderful recipes that I find, and even some of my Grandmothers with you. I've also started working on organizing my life a little. I have found that if I sit down at the end of each month and put together a calendar of meals for the month coming up that my life is a little less hectic, not to mention we are saving money by not eating out (eating out is so convenient, especially when you have no idea what you are going to cook). What I have started doing is going grocery shopping every Sunday for the week coming up. I have noticed that by doing so I spend a lot less at the grocery store and only buy what I need for that week. This one little change has made a huge difference, I'm not as stressed out, I don't spend as much at the grocery store and I'm always prepared plus my kids love to look at it to see what's for dinner. It's been a blessing around our home. I will post the calendar and recipes at the beginning of each month. Hope you enjoy!!

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